About Us

Who We Are


MEDEX INTERNATINAL is  training  and consultancy company  located in Dubai Knowledge Village in United Arab Emirates serving more than twenty countries in the Middle East and North Africa. We are the exclusive agent of several international organizations and institutes in the Middle East like LJL Seminars , Productivity institute and Sem Security, ALTA and CSSP

Our Mission


Improve and Enhance the quality of life of the whole society by providing high quality services and products. We aim to achieve this by:

  • Provide creative solution for unmet training need for individuals , groups and corporate.
  • Ensuring that all training and development provided has a clearly identified   objectives to be achieved.
  • Making our clients aware of the purpose and scope of our service and how this can support their  objectives.
  • Targeting our support at the identified needs of both groups and individuals.
  • Achieving excellence in our programs by delivering training and development which is motivational, valued and demonstrably improves the productivity of the participants.

  • Constantly improving our programs content, delivery methods and skills through regular research, feedback and evaluation.

Our Role


  • Provide all kinds of trainings, seminars and consultations in our operational area.
  • Provide the training materials in  English and Arabic language .
  • Recruit and manage distributors to market the programs regionally.
  • Oversee the certifications of trainers to deliver the programs, so that quality and integrity of the content will be maintained and all new developments quickly disseminated.
  • Assist  all our international speakers to develop a new products and services, and grow the business while preserving the core values.